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Energy-Reduction-System for Light


The ERS from SWISSON can be easily and economically integrated into any lighting system that uses 2.5 kW of energy (or above) or anywhere else where you wish to reduce high energy costs. The ERS can be easily integrated into existing lighting systems or built into new facilities. The ERS is excellent for applications that need a maximum amount of light for a short period of time and then can be reduced to lower lighting levels helping to reduce energy costs.
The ERS from Swisson is connected between the lighting area you want to control and the corresponding fuse box. Installation is quick and easy. The power supply voltage is continuously monitored and controlled by the ERS. You select the output level for your lighting application and the ERS will, via electronic control, maintain the desired voltage output to optimize energy use. Output voltage is controlled and stabilized with the use of an electrical sine wave and therefore does not produce problematic harmonics or electrical disturbances.
On average, the possibilities for cost savings range between 25% and 35%. Cost savings can, in a perfect case, go up to, and in cases exceed, 40%. The average amortization rate of the ERS is between 1 to 3 years depending upon the use and the voltage adjustment level made with the ERS.

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